Sugar Hill Housing & Services

Broadway Housing’s mission is premised fundamentally on the merits of stability of residence complemented by educational and supportive resources. Permanent housing allows roots to take hold, and bolsters individual, familial and communal strength. Sustained, healthy expectations of quality permanent housing encourages independence, and natural connections to neighborhood services, school and religious institutions. Broadway Housing taps the virtues of a permanent community to build stability and productivity among the neediest.

The Sugar Hill development will provide permanent, rent-stabilized affordable housing targeting struggling families. 124 apartments are planned with 70% of the units set-aside for households earning very low incomes defined by the City of New York as 50% of the Area Medium Income (AMI) or below, this is less than $38,400 for a family of four. 30% of all apartments will be dedicated to those at extremely low income levels of 30% of AMI ($23,050 for a family of four) or below. 10% of the apartments will be targeted at 50-60% AMI. Community residents with no lease, doubled or tripled-up in seriously substandard conditions in the community will be accommodated as will homeless households residing in the emergency shelter system. The remaining 20% of the apartments will be extended to low income working families at 80% AMI, or less than $61,450 for a family of four.

The economic and social integration proposed for The Sugar Hill development will target the working poor while also reserving a portion of the units for somewhat lower and higher income families. In addition to family units, providing studio and one-bedroom apartments for lower income seniors is a high priority due to the great need in the West Harlem community.


Broadway Housing will promote an inclusive integrated tenancy at The Sugar Hill development, incorporating a portion of children and adults with special needs. Staff will supplement family resources located in the neighborhood to ensure that resident families and families engaged in the educational programs are well served. This staff dedicated to providing family services will also be charged with a prevention agenda to forestall community families at high housing risk from entering the shelter system. To impact a larger number of impoverished families, the new project will assist neighboring families to resolve entitlement problems and to secure legal, social and family services. Collaboration with neighborhood family and social service agencies is anticipated.

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