Housing and Tenant Services

BHC’s newest initiative, the Sugar Hill Project, 898 St. Nicholas Avenue at W. 155th St. Architectural design: David Adjaye, Adjaye Associates; Photo: Michael Palma

How to Apply for BHC Housing?

Applications may be requested via mail by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Broadway Housing Communities, Rent Administration Department
583 Riverside Dr., 7th Floor
New York, NY 10031.

Or via email,
with the subject: Housing Application

No Phone calls or duplicate applications will be accepted. Duplicate applications will be disqualified

BHC believes that high quality permanent housing is key to tapping the virtues of sustained, thriving community for children, families and single adults. Permanent housing allows roots to take hold, bolsters individual, familial and communal strength, forges connections to neighborhood services, school and religious institutions, and encourages independence.

BHC’s successful housing model is distinguished by several factors:

• While most supportive housing providers segregate their buildings by demographic, BHC’s tenancy is integrated, including the healthy and disabled, the young and elderly, the employed and dependent. Residents include those with mental disabilities, HIV/AIDS and other chronic health conditions and many in recovery from addiction. It is our experience that integrated communities provide strong networks for those in need.

• Since its inception, BHC has partnered with community organizations to provide comprehensive support services to all tenants. Services include medical and mental health care, vocational training and job placement, substance abuse treatment, benefits counseling and training and assistance with independent living skills.

• Our model is premised on a belief that tenants should be responsible for the quality and character of their own housing. At each site, a front desk management team staffed by tenants employed on a part-time, paid basis provide around-the-clock coverage and address the needs of fellow tenants. Nearly one quarter of our tenants participate in the front desk management system, including teenagers.

• BHC seeks to actively engage and support the neighborhoods we serve, extending our resources to the community and encouraging tenants to become full participants in community life.

Our Buildings

The Sugar Hill Project, 2015
898 St. Nicholas Avenue
124 studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments
Rio III Gallery
Sugar Hill Museum Preschool
Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling

Dorothy Day Apartments, 2003
583 Riverside Drive
70 studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments
Rio II Gallery
Dorothy Day Early Childhood Center

The Rio, 1991
10 Fort Washington Avenue
75 studio apartments
7 family apartments
The Rio Penthouse Gallery

The Benzinger-Abraham House, 1989
345 Edgecombe Avenue
19 single units

The Delta, 1989
409 West 145th Street
34 studio apartments

The Stella, 1988
575 West 155th Street
28 single units

The Heights, 1986
530 West. 178th Street
55 single units