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Children from Sugar Hill Apartments visiting the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling. Photo by Michael Palma.

History, Mission and Model

Broadway Housing Communities is a community-based nonprofit nationally recognized for pioneering high-impact approaches to the challenges of inequality and homelessness in the underserved New York City neighborhoods of West Harlem and Washington Heights.

Since 1983, BHC has provided permanent homes for thousands of adults, children and families; high quality early childhood programs that improve outcomes for resident and community children; and opportunities for local artists to exhibit their work and engage the community.

The success of our model is rooted in community, and a commitment to insuring that the adults, children and families we serve receive the support they need to live independent, stable lives.

With the opening of our first housing initiative for 55 formerly homeless single adults in 1986, BHC demonstrated that permanent, dignified housing with services for those who need them is the most effective—and most cost-effective—approach to homelessness including for those challenged by mental illness, a history of addiction and other risk factors.

The alarming rise in family homelessness beginning in the 1990s led BHC to adapt the supportive housing model to serve families with young children.

Dorothy Day Apartments in West Harlem was the first building in New York State intentionally developed to provide permanent housing for formerly homeless families and single adults. This groundbreaking initiative included an on-site early childhood center, educational advocacy and mentoring services and a robust cultural arts program. Since opening in 2003, the stability rate at Dorothy Day has been well over 90%, vastly superior to the 60% citywide return-to-shelter rate. More importantly, high school graduation and college enrollment are the norm for children growing up at Dorothy Day.

BHC’s most recent initiative, the 191,000sf mixed-use development known as The Sugar Hill Project, represents a bold step toward fulfillment of our core beliefs: that housing stability, educational opportunity, cultural engagement, and social support are essential elements to the well being of individuals and families and the creation of thriving communities.

We are proud to serve as a resource and a model locally, nationally and globally, and welcome the opportunity to host site visits for other providers, funders, policy makers and community leaders.

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