Korean War vet Walter McClary moving on up – into coveted affordable apartment in Sugar Hill Development

sugar2-2-y8s-webNew York Daily News | November 20, 2014
By Jan Ransom

He’s moving on up, but not out of Harlem’s Sugar Hill.

Longtime Harlemite Walter McClary badly needed a new place to live.

The 80-year-old Korean War vet often struggled to climb two flights of stairs to his apartment in a five-story tenement on 155th St. near Amsterdam Ave.

His knees ache from arthritis, and his grandchildren were scared sick after he fell while walking upstairs last year.

“I’m a soldier,” McClary said. “I can put up with it if I have to.”

Luckily the tough-talking war hero won’t have to.

McClary snagged a studio at the newly opened Sugar Hill Apartments just one short block to the east on St. Nicholas Ave.


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