If you build it…

Michael Palma por BHC y No Longer Empty 106“If You Build It. We’re waiting for something to happen, and here it is. A ray of light on public housing does shine. Replete with breathtaking views, there is a place that has reserved some twenty plus units for families currently living in shelters. There is a place that has in its scope the developmental role that art plays for a child and the community at large. Here is a place that stakes claim in a neighborhood laden within rich history. Repurposing sacred cultural grounds once place of affluence, culture, impactful intellectuals, and arts—a bygone era suppressed into an underprivileged classification—becoming home to a righteous leap forward into fair housing, a place that truly aims to nurture and spawn potential, like its terrace will provide a grand vista of what can be in this lifetime.”

– Douglas Turner


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