How Sweet it is at Harlem’s ‘Sugar Metropolis’

BN-DC779_NYSUGA_G_20140605181615Wall Street Journal | June 5, 2014

In an art space in Harlem’s Sugar Hill historic district, a whimsical miniature city is taking shape in the skillful hands of Irish sculptors Brendan Jamison and Mark Revels. Their medium of choice: 250,000 sugar cubes.

The stark white installation titled “Sugar Metropolis” conjures a futuristic city of elaborate towers, a stately bridge and mountains, even a winding river. Perhaps the sweetest element of the endeavor, however, is that viewers are invited to help with construction.

“This project is not about Mark and I,” said Mr. Jamison, 35 years old. “It’s about everybody taking ownership of it. All the thousands of people who contribute to it, it belongs to them.”

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