Klode Garoute Michel

We invite you to join the artistic communities of Washington Heights and West Harlem, families and friends of the Rio II Gallery to a very special opening exhibit/workshop featuring the work of Klode Garoute Michel, Haitian Artist.

Opening Reception Friday, December 7, 2012

For the opening exhibit Klode will demonstrate, with the help of the audience, how the “Tiga Artistic Rotation” created by her father Jean-Claude “Tiga” Garoute in Haiti in the second quarter of the 20th works. The rotation caused so much impact among French thinkers that Andre Malraux in his 1974 publication of “Lintemporel” (Timeless) dedicated a chapter to the “Tiga Rotation” which he explained as “the most tricking and the only controllable experimenting Magic in our century” Through his daughter, Klode Garoute Michel we’ll learn how to use the “Tiga Artistic Rotation” to help young children and youth find their own voice.

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