A place to call home: Dorothy Day Apts. fine example of supportive housing for poor

New York Daily News | October 14, 2011

…”I love this place. It’s a lifesaver,” said the restaurant worker and father of three, including 4-year-old Artyairish. “This place” is the Dorothy Day Apartments on Riverside Drive and W. 135th St., supportive housing for the poor done right.

The pioneering 70-unit building serves formerly homeless families and children and those in deep, generational poverty.

With its modern design, Head Start nursery school for little kids, mentors for big kids and social and cultural services for adults, the beautiful turn-of-the-century building is a remarkable lifeline for the 192 people who proudly call it home.

“People can’t believe I live here. They think it’s for rich people,” said tenant Zoila Rosario, who also works as the cook for the 51 pre-schoolers, and whose own son is the first child in the building to go to college…

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