BHC Hosts Bowdoin College’s Common Good Day Event

Broadway Housing Communities was delighted to be partner in Bowdoin College’s 13th annual Common Good Day on Saturday, September 17th.

Over 20 Bowdoin volunteers joined Broadway Housing staff and families to paint two huge mural panels commemorating the legends of Sugar Hill.  Conceived by Betty Capellan and Ofelia Rodriguez, the first panels of the mural, “Musical Legends of Sugar Hill”, was painted by the Bowdoin volunteers together with families from Broadway Housing Communities and local artists.

The second panel, “Poets and Writers and Statesmen”, will go into production in December with a Rio Gallery exhibition projected for early January 2012. Production of the third panel, which will focus on visual artists including Romeare Bearden and Jacob Lawrence, will begin in March. The fourth panel, highlighting “Sugar Hill Neighbors” of Puerto Rican, Cuban and Dominican descent who have populated the community of Washington Heights since the  1930’s, will be initiated in May.

We plan to exhibit all the panels of the completed mural together in the summer of 2012.

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