BHC Family Featured in Cool Culture Video

Cool Culture co-Founder Edwina Meyers, BHC parent Al-Naima Finch and artist Fab 5 Freddy discuss the importance of arts and culture and the power of access to NYC’s incredible cultural institutions.

Through a partnership with Cool Culture, an organization that “helps over 50,000 income-eligible families access and enjoy 90 of NYC’s world-class cultural institutions for free,” children enrolled in the Dorothy Day Early Childhood Program and their families are able to participate in the Literacy through Culture project. The project, which pairs select early education programs with cultural institution partners and a consultant from Bank Street College of Education, works to connect the classroom curriculum to museum exhibits through learning activities led by the museum educator, and class and family trips to museums.

“Despite the amount of education that takes place inside the classrooms, Dorothy Day provides all parent’s with Cool Culture passes for free! What an incredible opportunity to get families and students alike to explore different cultures by visiting museums, historical landmarks and places of interest.”

Robin Ferrer, parent of recent graduate

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