Success Story: Adalis D.

One very successful student from BHC’s education programs is Adalis D., who is graduating from high school this year and is on her way to college. She has applied to several colleges for this fall semester, but has finally decided to study at Pace University. Adalis is very excited to begin pursuing her dreams, and the experience of moving out of the city and starting her college life.

Before she heads off to college, Adalis is planning a trip to Thailand. She and her friends have been working with the international YMCA to arrange this trip, where they will do volunteer work with children in Thailand. Adalis is certain that the trip will be a life-changing experience, and she is looking forward to working with the children in Thailand and learning about a culture entirely different from her own.

Adalis says that, throughout her education, she has had incredible support from Betty Capellan (BHC’s Parent and School Relations Coordinator) and Broadway Housing Communitites, with guidance, college choices, essay writing and even a scholarship. Even though she is moving on to a new life, she knows that she will always have support and encouragement from Betty and BHC.

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