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December 14, 1994

Every Day, Angels

New York Times | December 14, 1994

By Anna Quindlen

In October 1992 an obituary with this headline ran in The New York Times: “Harold Brown Sr., 61, Investment Executive.” That description was right, as far as it went,…

June 9, 1994

The Mayor’s Empty Words

New York Times | June 9, 1994

By Mary Brosnahan

Hearing Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani preach his gospel of homelessness and “mutual responsibility”, one is struck by its narcotic effect on audiences. Many of us would like to believe, it seems,…

February 24, 1994

New Homeless Services Chief

New York Newsday | February 24, 1994

By Michael Powell

…Finally, the Giuliani administration may embrace a Dinkins administration decision to turn the hulking Fort Washington armory over to a consortium of local groups. Led by Ellen Baxter, these groups hope…

February 11, 1994

Armory Tower Project in Final Planing Stage

The Uptown Dispatch | February 11, 1994

By Henry Canter

Thanks largely to a renewed vote of confidence from the new administration of Mayor elect Giuliani, theĀ  controversial Fort Washington Armory tower plan, that would graft a high rise housing project…

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