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December 19, 1993

Shelters Lead Nowhere

New York Times | December 19, 1993

By Dennis P. Culhane

Philadelphia – People are fed up with the homeless, particularly aggressive panhandlers. Even traditionally tolerant cities such as San Francisco and Seattle have passed laws effectively prohibiting people from being…

Ellen Baxter

Politicians can’t find a solution to the problems of the homeless. But this community activist has one that works.

New York Times Magazine | December 19, 1993

By David C. Anderson

On a bright autumn morning, a crowd…

December 1, 1993

Fort Washington Armory

City Limits | December, 1993

The image of more than a thousand homeless men sleeping on cots in the bleak, cavernous space of the Fort Washington Armory became a national symbol of the cruel treatment of homeless people during the…

November 30, 1993

At The Rio, A Chance for a New Beginning

USA Today | November 30, 1993

Glenwood Smith, 42, spent four years on the street. At his lowest, he says, he was “a crack-head. I was filthy and stinking.”

For stanley Hill, 55, the low point was the two months he…

Trying to Take the Fear Out of Fort Washington

USA Today | November 30, 1993

By Kim Painter

Back when more than 1,000 men slept at the Fort Washington Armory each night, the first thing that struck visitors was “the din, the cacophony, the terrible, frightening noise.” says homeless advocate…

October 1, 1993

Why Is Ellen Baxter Smiling?

Washington Heights and Inwood Report | October, 1993

Ellen Baxter has plenty to smile about. The Executive Director of the Committee for the Heights-Inwood Homeless has worked long and hard to acquire the Armory and turn it into housing for…

March 1, 1993

Armory to High-Rise: Two Views of New Plan

Metropolitan Council on Housing Tenant/Inquilino | March 1993

By Rafael Sencion

In the northern end of Manhattan, a struggle has just begun that I believe is of the utmost importance to the movement that advocates decent affordable housing. I also think…

January 1, 1993

Petra Foundation Fellow: Ellen Baxter

The Petra Foundation | 1993

“It is un-American to have human suffering so visible.”

—Ellen Baxter, 1994

In April of 1980, the front page of the Sunday New York Times announced “36,000 Homeless People in the City.” The…

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