No Place Like Home

New York Times | May 20, 1992

By Anna Quindlen

Homeless is like the government wanting you locked up And the people in America do not like you. They look at you and see Beast! I wish the people would help the homeless And stop their talking. — Frank S. Rice, The Rio Times

The building is beautiful, white and beige and oak, the colors of Yuppie. The rehab of the Rio came in $700,000 under budget, two months ahead of schedule. The tenants say they will not mess it up, no, no, no. “When you don’t have a place and you get a good place, the last thing you want to do is lose it,” said one man who slept in shelters for seven years, seven years during which you might have gotten married, or lost a loved one, or struck it rich, but all this guy did was live on the streets…

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