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December 2, 1990

Moving the Furniture Around

New York Times | December 2, 1990

By Anna Quindlen

The man who wears an army blanket and proffers a cardboard coffee cup in the Christopher Street subway station has a method to what some might call his madness….

November 23, 1990

A Tub of Their Own

New York Times | November 23, 1990

The first tenants of the Edgecomb, a turn-of-the-century mansion in New York’s Washington Heights, were surely a family and most likely prosperous. (There are several maid-sized bedrooms on the top floor.)…

March 1, 1990

The Homelessness Test; There Is a Right Answer

New York Times | March 1, 1990

Why did so many people, especially the mentally ill, begin living on the streets of New York City during the 1980’s?…

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January 24, 1990

Dignity for Homeless

The Portland Press Herald | January 24, 1990

By Anna Quindlen

New York – When Ellen Baxter was working on a report about the homeless people of New York City, she went into shelters and subway stations and parks to talk…

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