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May 27, 1989

Random Death Claims a Man Who Struggled to Regain Life

New York Times | May 27, 1989

By Sarah Rimer

For much of six years, James Reginald Jarvis lived in a cave in Inwood Hill Park at the northern edge of Manhattan with his prized possessions: a sleeping bag,…

March 6, 1989

The Single Room Solution

New York Times | March 6, 1989

For many years, single-room-occupancy hotels provided squalid shelter in New York City, and many New Yorkers were glad to see rising real estate values encourage their destruction. But that dislocated thousands…

January 13, 1989

Housing Street People Better, Cheaper

New York Times | January 13, 1989

Shelter number 1 offers hundreds of beds on the noisy, open floor of an armory. Privacy is impossible and there are too few security guards to assure personal safety. The most…

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