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November 21, 1986

Dinkins Rejects Koch Shelter Proposal

New York Times | November 21, 1986

By Ronald Smothers

The Manhattan Borough President, David N. Dinkins, yesterday refused to accept four sites suggested by the Koch administration for new homeless shelters. Instead, he proposed a plan to rehabilitate…

July 20, 1986

The Need of the Nation’s Homeless is Becoming Their Right

New York Times | July 20, 1986

By Robert Pear

In the face of what a New York court recently described as ”the dire and increasing shortage of available, decent low-income housing” in many cities, homeless people have turned…

February 20, 1986

Reaching The Heights
New SRO Project Home to Homeless

New York Daily News | February 20, 1986

By Ricki Fulman

An abandoned building in Washington Heights has been totally rehabilitated and transformed into the first new single-room-occupancy project to open in New York City in 30 years.

Called The Heights, the…

January 5, 1986

Tax Shelter: Investing in the Homeless
Partners’ Investing Covers Homeless

New York Newsday | January 5, 1986

By Saul Friedman

The group stood rather stiffly for the picture-taking, like an old-fashioned family, in the Upper Manhattan apartment house overlooking the Cross Bronx Expressway. But there was pride in their weary eyes,…

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