Arts & Culture

At the Rio Galleries, Broadway Housing Communities offers a vibrant year-long program of cultural, civic and educational programs.  Monthly opening of exhibits showing the work of emerging and established artists, largely Latino and African American, are highlights of the calendars which include a wide diversity of offerings by poets, writers, musicians, dancers and photographers.

The Rio Galleries also provide a regular meeting space for civic groups that include Community Planning Board 9, police, parks and business leaders, as well as a venue for other community based agencies’ conferences, retreats and workshops.  Recent offerings include a writers’ workshop, conflict mediation training for parents and children, and sessions on environmental activism.

Located on the penthouse level of Broadway Housing Communities’ buildings known as The Rio and Dorothy Day Apartments, both galleries are surrounded by lovely landscaped terraces; an unobstructed view of the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge are additional attractions at Rio Gallery II.

For more information, please contact Ana-Ofelia Rodriguez at 212-568-2030 x.208

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions


Tango and Jazz

This That And The Other

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