Clay Memory at the Rio II Gallery

Sculptures by Ada Pillar Cruz
April 1 – April 30th, 2011

Gallery Hours: 11AM – 5PM, Monday-Friday
Saturday and Sunday Hours By Appointment Only

Opening Reception
Friday, April 1, 2011
6PM – 9PM


As a sculptor, I am interested in how objects transport one to another place, to past experiences. I work with clay.  Clay is raw and malleable, of the earth, and working the material is physical, engaging, intimate.  It is the best material for me to convey the sense of urgency I feel from the stories I have had access to and the experiences I know I have a responsibility to convey in my art.  I can leave an imprint in the material—clay has a memory.

Sculpting the human form is a very powerful way of invoking raw sentiments.  What my figures ultimately project and express evolve as I work, but each piece gives tangible form to my need to cope with and share seemingly incoherent thoughts and feelings.

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